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The programme in Biomedical Engineering at the University of Patras prepares students to apply engineering and applied science to problems in biology, medicine, and the understanding of living systems and their behavior, and to develop biomedical systems and devices in order to promote health. Modern engineering encompasses sophisticated approaches to measurement, data acquisition and analysis, simulation, and system identification. The increasing value of mathematical models in the analysis of living systems can significantly shape our understanding of these complex systems and advance the field. This programme does not only offer in-depth training and development of research skills that ensure both expertise in state of the art topics and future involvement in the field, but also encourage our students in the formulation and promotion of scientific thought.


2707, 2022

Biomedical Engineering MSc – September 2022 Exams Schedule

Dear students, You can find attached the timetable for the upcoming exams (September 2022 period). Modifications in timings and rooms are possible in coordination with your instructors. I wish you good luck and a [...]

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