Code A3
Type Compulsory
Semester A
ECTS credits 4

This course as its name denotes consists of two main parts one focusing in Electronics issues and the other with Digital Signal Processing ones associated with Medical applications. The target of the Electronics Part of the course is to give a basic background of electronics emphasizing in these structures that directly affect medical applications and especially instrumentation ones, like e.g. operational amplifier modules. Furthermore, an introduction to basic combinational and sequential digital circuits is given along with the basics of analog to digital and digital to analog conversion.
The Signal Processing Part of the course aims to set the background knowledge of Digital Signal Processing which forms one of the key areas of Biomedical Engineering. This is achieved by avoiding a rigorous mathematical approach and rather focusing more on the concepts, the problems and the ways to resolve them, as well as the proper interpretation of the signal processing results.

Electronics Labs: Building and Testing of a simple ECG device, acquiring and storing the obtained ECG signal via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) – 2×3 hours