Code EB6
Type Elective
Semester B
ECTS credits 2


Rehabilitation engineering (RE) is the use of engineering science and principles to 1) develop technological solutions and devices to assist individuals with disabilities, and 2) aid the recovery of physical and cognitive functions lost because of disease or injury. An Introduction to Rehabilitation Engineering will provide the student with basic knowledge on the principles, modeling, standards, devices, and technologies of RE and Assisting Devices. It will provide a solid foundation in the subject as well as will stimulate further study. Issues that will be covered are: Fundamentals of rehabilitation engineering design: Design considerations. Prosthetics and orthotics: Upper- and lower extremity prostheses; Ambulations aids; Aids to daily living. Postural support and seating: Seating and postural support systems. Personal transportation: Lift mechanisms; Wheelchairs. Assistive Devices for Persons with: Visual Impairments, Auditory Impairments, Tactile Impairments. Alternative and Augmentative Communication Devices.