Geometry contraction algorithms are introduced in this work to implement the diverse respiratory configurations of lung related diseases associated with airways obstructions. In addition, computational fluid dynamics (CFD) techniques along with fluid particle tracing (FPT) methods are utilized to efficiently evaluate the behavior of the air during the inhalation period, as well as to clarify the features of the inhaled particles in terms of regional deposition. Useful deductions are drawn regarding personalized medication in obstructed conditions.

A. Lalas, S. Nousias, D. Kikidis, A. Lalos, K. Moustakas, K. Votis, O. Usmani, and D. Tzovaras, “Numerical Assessment of Airflow and Inhaled Particles Attributes in Obstructed Pulmonary System,” in IEEE International Conference on Bioinformatics and Biomedicine (BIBM), 2016, p. 8.